• Monica Malone

You Forgot About Me

You forgot about me.

That's fine.

I forget about me all the time.

I could never forget about you though.

Not even if I wanted to

I wish I could forget about you.

Rest assured, I know people come and people go.

but not you.

You burned.

I thought our bond was something special,

like on a kindred spirit level.

Not the first time I was wrong.

I fit you into my life while

you just lived yours.

I've been hurt like this before.

You forgot about me. That's honestly, fine.

My memories of you will fade.

Just give it time.

What do you do

with all the knowledge you have of those who hurt you?

You create a museum in your mind.

Framing the pain

as just another moment in time.

Carry on I must, without you in my life.

I gave so much but you didn't give the same.

I took what I could find.

You took it all and now I'm the one to blame?

You forgot about me.

That's Fine.

The saddest thing is that you'll never know

you missed out on someone truly


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