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The Chances of me Writing My Own Biography are Slim

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Maybe it's an actor thing, maybe it's just a Monica thing, but I love biographies. I love to read them (both regular and auto) I love to watch them - Frida is my f*cking fav, and I love to imagine what mine would be like. New ones are coming out every day. It's a big marketing tool for popular celebrities, and as history is constantly being researched we are learning more about individuals from our past that made an impact. I think biographies are extremely cool. I enjoy learning about people I have never met just as much as I love learning about people I have met. Newsflash: I'm a people person.

It seems like biopics are becoming more popular with how many have come out recently (Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman, etc.) and I think that shows something about humanity. We have built up celebrity culture so much that we like to learn about people who we believe live grander lives than us just to find out they are actually exactly the same as we are. If the world declares someone a creative genius, everyone wants to know their secret - what makes them tick. Most often it is still the same result, they lived a life and worked hard to get where they ended up. I have always longed to live a grand life and am continuously learning that there are so many more important things in the world. And while I would like to think I am a creative genius... I am just working hard like all the others out there. The lives we don't live always seem better than our own. We love and long for those stories and hope someday ours will mirror them. We all want our story told. The main reason I am an actor is to do just that - tell as many stories as possible.

The chances of me writing my own biography are slim. I say that in hopes that long after I'm gone SOMEONE will think I am incredible enough to write one for me. Instead of trying to save all my stories, lesson, and tidbits of life, I am committing to publishing some of them here!

I enjoy writing. I don't do it as much as I like, but I have recently felt inspired to do it more than usual. Sometimes part of being a creative creature is finding outlets to work on your work. Many of my friends I look up to have their own blogs. Actually, everybody and their Mom has their own blog (@Bonita we're all waiting for yours) and hopefully keeping up with this will be a way to make me write more. This is not particularly for anyone else, though I am putting it all online so I guess it's technically for everybody. I hope that this will also help me be more truthful with myself and with the world.

Social Media is an annoying part of life, but it is an integral part of our lives now. As an actor it is almost necessary, another tool to help market ourselves and gain notoriety. My brother-in-law doesn't really "do" social media and I am honestly a little jealous. Maybe if I weren't in the entertainment industry I wouldn't "do" it either - but let's be real - I enjoy it. I get to keep up with old friends, go to events I wouldn't normally know about, and I surprisingly learn a lot from all the articles shared because I don't watch the news. However, I personally feel like I am constantly floating between the line of self-promotion and self-posting and honestly, I would like to be able to do both. I don't want to only post the good stuff, or show that my life is all smiles ('cause it's definitely not), and I don't want to only post about my career or accomplishments. I want to be honest, and show the life I am living in all its glory - both good and bad.

In turn, I hope to help inspire others to do the same.

Sure, I could always lie. Even in these blogs I could lie. But I am telling you right now that I don't want to. I don't know who will want to keep up with these, me, or my life, but it is here if they want. If I reach enough notoriety to be able to write an autobiography, who knows what it will be about. If a biography is written about me long after I'm gone, I hope these essays are a special look into who I am as a person. I am still learning to love myself, even though it's said humans are self-centered creatures - it's HARD OKAY - but writing about one's self is always easiest. As I continue getting to know myself as an adult, I'm following the advice of all 8th grade writing teachers out there - write what you know.

First it was "That's What She Said"

Then it was "Title of Amy's Sex Tape"

Now for every self-deprecating phrase I say it will be, "Title of my Autobiography"

I wanted this blog to be connected to my website because I am tired of trying to keep all my creative endeavors separate, and there are A LOT of creative endeavors in my life. I am tired of trying to create this "actor persona" that I feel like I need to have for some reason. Instead I am embracing myself and am gonna market the shit out of me!


Title of my autobiography.

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