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"..." OR A Continuation of Monica Malone




Something new for me as an artist! I am doing my first ever pop-up gallery this month!

I am very excited but also very nervous. I don't normally show off my art work in any sense other than posting a picture online every once in a while. That is extremely true for my photography. I love taking photos, but since everybody and their mom is a photographer these days, I don't really like to say that I am one too, but the fact of the matter is, I am. The only difference is my dad is a photographer instead of my mom.

Below is what the main section of the gallery is about. I've included a few of the pictures, but not all - to see all you got to come see them in person! Half of the gallery is themed "..." OR a continuation of Monica Malone, and the other half is just some photos I took that I like. It's simple, but it's different!

The gallery is all this month at Shezmu Cellars in Marietta, GA with the Gallery Show on Aug 25th 1 to 6 pm. If you are local to Atlanta, please come check it out! All the pieces are for sale and anything that isn't sold by then end of the month will be up in the shop next month. Spread the word, learn a little bit more about me, and look at some cool abstract photography! I more than likely will never print these again so it is all original limited prints! By Monica Malone.

If you aren't local, but still want to help support, please check out the shop on my website and subscribe to emails from the blog! Be sure to follow me @marvelatthisgirl and @marforious for every day updates! Many many thanks!




The ellipsis ... What a controversial grammar tool. Many hate it, others don't know how to use it, and some use it too often. I would fall under the ones who use it too often. When I first got a phone that had texting I would use it way too much. I thought it was the perfect way to articulate, "I want to continue talking but I don't know what to say." Later on I learned how it was used with proper grammar - as an omission. When quoting someone in a paper you can take out all the unimportant bits by using ... and continuing on with what is really important.

Well, the comic world clearly was not taught this lesson. I learned it differently growing up reading Calvin & Hobbs, Wonder Woman, and The Runaways. In the comics and graphic novel world, that ever so annoying ellipsis is used not as an omission, but as a continuation. From one speech bubble to the next, it lets the reader know when a character has more to say. The use of dots in this comic/pop art inspired work immediately brought to mind for me that pesky little "..." . I have always loved comics and graphic novels for a multitude of various reasons, but most of all I loved that art could be used for storytelling. It was my first look into such a world and I think a big reason I grew into wanting to be a storyteller myself in anyway possible.

With all the art I do, from dancing to making jewelry to everything in between, I am lucky that there are so many different stories I can tell in many different ways. Even in the midst of all that freedom, these 8 photos are unusual compared to my past work. As an artist, narrowing down my style is a challenge. I love exploring all different styles and crafts, but that can make it hard to point at a piece and know that it is by Monica Malone. "Abstract Photography" might be the most appropriate category for these photographs - something new for me as an artist. They just speak a little more to a certain type of audience. An audience that might just be made up of me.

They are loud, colorful, and striking. The texture and depth of each piece is apparent. They represent a Pop Art era style and bring to mind old fashioned comics as well as the new. They are all over the place, but also clearly have a common theme. You cannot mistake them for anything else.

To know me personally it would all make sense when I say ... Sound familiar?

As a dear friend and fellow artist once said to me, "art is all opinion." If everyone has an opinion on such a simple thing as the ellipsis, they will definitely have their own opinions about me and my art. The one thing that no one will ever be able to deny is that it is my art. And unlike some other thoughts on art and the artist - my art cannot be separated from me. I am my work and my work is always a part of me.

The use of dots in this comic inspired work is what inspired me to call it "..." It refers to the comic and graphic novel use of the ellipsis tool and it is a continuation. It represents the desire - my desire - to continue creating. It also shows that my story is still going on. This isn't "the beginning" and in no way is it the end. It is just another chapter.

So, don't be an English snob. Don't omit me. I am just beginning and I am going to continue...

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