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Let's be Marflorious - An Explanation

“Feminine doesn’t mean Anti-feminist.”

It’s hard to believe now that there was once a time when I thought I couldn’t be feminine and believe that woman deserved the same rights as men. There are still those that say they believe in equal rights but refuse to call themselves feminist (Newsflash, if you believe in equal rights you're a feminist.). It’s mostly young women that enjoy their femininity and don’t want to sacrifice it for the label of feminism because somehow there is STILL a stigma that feminism means you have to burn your bras, refuse to shave body hair, and hate men. There was once a time where I am sure I (at least partly) believed that as well. Although I don’t remember my early years of realizing I was a feminist in that great of detail, I do know I quickly moved past that stigma and continued to embrace feminism. All because of a little Pinterest graphic that said, “Feminine doesn’t mean Anti-feminist.”

Even though it may have seemed obvious, sometimes one needs to be told important knowledge like that from an outside source. Since I was alone in doing my feminist research, the internet was my magical guide. It was instrumental in helping me break down those mental traps that can force people into seeing only one way of looking at things. Ever since then, I absolutely adore embracing my femininity and my feminism. Not only because it is truly who I am, but hopefully it helps others see they can do the same.

With this small blog, I wanted something that really represented the idea of fully embracing my feminine, feminist self and included every aspect of my passions that I could talk about. I had the first two, I just wanted one extra thing that could fit in perfectly. Then I understood – and it was a marvelous idea. To include something feminine with what is typically thought of as masculine would be the perfect way to express myself and the belief that you can totally, 100% be yourself no matter what society and their stereotypes tell you.

I have always loved flowers, so there was the feminine.

I grew up with Star Trek, Star Wars, and superheros. Marvel Comics quickly became my favorite and I knew I had to include it somehow. It started with an “M” after all, so it was perfect.

Putting those two together, with a little feminism in the mix, and you get Marflorious.

Hot Diggity Dawg, By George, I Think She's Got It!

That name made me smile and it was the perfect way to describe me, this blog, and would be a great way to connect with others. I truly love talking about feminism intertwined with pop culture and nerdy things. It can say a lot about us as a society and influence the world in ways we don’t often see right away. I want to be able to discuss these things with people who want to learn more, or know information that I can learn so we can all help make this world a better place. I could go on forever and ever about the importance of feminism and everything is surrounds, but that is the point of this blog – exploring what I want to talk about and make some connections with cool people along the way.

I hope you will follow me in my journey through this. I promise to listen and learn and hope you will do the same. I have a long journey to go and so much to do, but you best believe I’m going to do it with my Wonder Woman earrings on to give me strength.

Mar.flo.ri.ous. noun

1. A combination of all things nerdy and feminine as well as feminist

2. A blog run by an amazon woman who wanted a safe space for all nerds and feminists to celebrate themselves and help change the world.

3. An exploration of artist Monica Malone learning to live in the world, showcase her work, and live as authentically as possible

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